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Outline EUGENE STUDIO After the rainbow

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) is delighted to present After the rainbow, the first solo exhibition held in a Japanese museum by the EUGENE STUDIO. Based in Japan, the EUGENE STUDIO is headed by Eugene Kangawa, an American-born artist who is the subject of growing international acclaim. As Kangawa was born in 1989, this will also be the first solo exhibition at MOT by an artist born during Japan’s Heisei era (1989-2019).

After the rainbow will showcase two-dimensional works, large-scale installations, video, and sculptural works from the EUGENE STUDIO. From the acclaimed White Painting series (2017-) and Beyond good and evil, make way toward the wasteland (2017) to entirely new and previously unshown pieces, the exhibition will explore the perspectives, ideas, and philosophies that underlie the studio’s diverse body of work. These are not mere two-dimensional visions but works that instantiate our own existence within the environs and cycles of society as they sublimate a host of themes in parallel, from individual interests and art history to past phenomena and civilization itself.

Indeed, coexistence is an important theme of the exhibition as a whole. The fact that presences of various kinds are found together; the fact that some things are visible while others are not; and the new re-cognition of reality after accepting the perception that some things are good for oneself by nature and others are not–the idea of linked existence emerges from these works along various dimensions.

After the rainbow calls on us to find the wisdom we need at this turning point in history to turn our gaze away from expressions grounded in criticism or irony and toward the real as we propel ourselves into the future.

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Studio Visit with Artist Eugene Kangawa | EUGENE STUDIO: After the rainbow


ユージーン・スタジオ 新しい海 EUGENE STUDIO After the rainbow

Exhibition Period Sat. 20 November. 2021 – Wed. National Holiday. 23 February. 2022
Closed Mondays (except 10 Jan, 21 Feb. 2022), 28 Dec. 2021– 1 Jan. 2022, 11 Jan.
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Group portrait, Rainbow Painting Series,
2021, oil on canvas, 244.0 x 184.0 cm

About the Artist EUGENE STUDIO

Japan-based art studio headed by Eugene Kangawa (born 1989 in the USA). Previous major showcases include the solo exhibition THE EUGENE Studio 1/2 Century later. (2017, Shiseido Gallery) and the installation Phantosia, which featured Noh performed in pitch darkness (2019, National Art Center, Tokyo). Contributed to the exhibition 89+ (2014, Serpentine Gallery, London), worked with the London-based collective Assemble for The Centennial Exhibition of Shiseido Gallery (2018–2019), participated in de-sport (2020, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa), and collaborated with renowned American SF novelist Ken Liu on Alter (2017). Currently showing two short films (2021; USA, Japan) as official selections at multiple international film festivals recognized by the Academy Awards, including the Pan African Film Festival.

Beyond good and evil, make way toward the wasteland. 2017 Ceramic, steel, wood, glass, ash, others
Left:Mr. Tagi’s room and dream # four-handed 2014 Steel, wood, oil / wood, brass, glass, artificial leather, plaster Dimensions variable
Right:artist’s atelier

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4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0022 Japan
T+81-50-5541-8600(Hello Dial)/ 7days a week 9:00-20:00